IKEA Place


Decorate your home with IKEA furniture using augmented reality


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Decorate any room in your home with IKEA furniture using only your smartphone thanks to the app IKEA Place. How? With augmented reality technology. Simply point your camera wherever you want to decorate, and start arranging furniture.

Choose any piece of IKEA furniture from IKEA Place's main menu, and then drag and drop it on the screen to put it wherever you'd like. Rotate it and move it around the room until it's exactly where you want. Keep adding furniture to see how the different pieces look together until you have the ideal home decor.

Another interesting feature of IKEA Place is the ability to look up furniture from its catalogs using only a picture. Just take a picture of any piece of furniture to see its information in the IKEA catalog, or, if it's not IKEA furniture, the app will show you similar alternatives available at IKEA.

Virtually decorate any room before you commit to buying furniture with the very useful app IKEA Place. The app requires a device with Android 7.0 as well as the app ARCore.

Android 7.0 or higher required